Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Band Alert: Saints of War

An exciting new band, Saints of War hail from Billingham, England, and they have recently recently released their debut single "Do or Die" on iTunes. Proceeds from the single will go to a local children's cancer ward in the UK.

"Do or Die" is fantastic right from the start, with its classic metal intro riffs from guitarist Dave Shannon and bluesy rhythm supplied by bassist Chris Diboll and drummer Matthew Bate. Darren Hough's vocals are aggressive and gritty, and the "hey! hey! hey!" in the backing vocals is memorable and catchy. The guitar solo is impressive, and fans will notice the Zakk Wylde influence there.

Saints of War are currently working on their forthcoming EP. If all the songs on it are as good as "Do or Die," this band will certainly have a hit on their hands.

Saints of War on iTunes

Saints of War on Facebook

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