Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Rush Tracks from Upcoming Release

Toronto rockers Rush have released two brand new tracks this summer from their forthcoming album Clockwork Angels. The album itself isn't slated for release until spring of next year, but the band has given fans new material to tide them over until then.

A 5-and-a-half minute single, "Caravan," is a really grooving and bass-heavy track with a catchy riff. The chorus of "I can't stop thinking big/I can't stop thinking big" is simple, yet memorable. The solo toward the end of the track is quite an impressive jam is well.

The single's B-side "BU2B" (because we all know Rush likes to letter and number songs) is a track I actually fancy a bit more than "Caravan" because of its slightly heavier heavier sound and faster pace. I think it sounds a lot like late '70s or early '80s Rush, so I'm a bit partial to it. I've heard "BU2B" on satellite radio a few times, and I think this song will really catch on with the rock audience and longtime Rush fans.

Both tracks are a nice sneak peek into the future Clockwork Angels album. If the rest of the songs are just as great as "Caravan" and "BU2B," which I have no doubt, Rush will have one of the biggest hard rock albums of 2011.

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  1. Great review! :)

    Yes, Rush is known for letter and number titles, but I think "BU2B" (Brought Up to Believe) is their first acronymical song title.

    It was way cool seeing them on the Time Machine tour! :)