Monday, April 05, 2010

New Scorpions... and more!

The Scorpions have just released what they say is their final album--Sting in the Tail. It hit U.S. store shelves late last month, and their new single "Raised on Rock" is getting some airplay on satellite radio and other rock stations that play new songs by classic artists.

"Raised on Rock" is a great track. It sounds like The Scorpions we all know and love, and is a solid attempt at making a hard rocking song that is sure to please longtime fans. The lyrics are fun without seeming contrived, and they really strike a nerve with me since I am a lifelong rocker.

Check out in the next few weeks for more Scorpions and Sting in the Tail updates. Also coming soon... reviews of Pearl's Little Immaculate White Fox and Slash's solo debut!

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